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1975-1980: Mr. Ferenc Bíró has made the first steps to found the company as private entrepreneur, an as a part time business. He was servicing cars in his 30 sqm garage. In 1977 he was manufacturing sheet metal and machined items for the food industry. At the beginning of the 80’s the manufacturing of machined fasteners has been started, on 60 sqms, yet without employees.

1980-1990: In the middle of the decade an intense development of the production has started. The private sector was free to open up, and Ferenc Bíró started to supply items to bigger industries. The volume of machined items has grown, and pressed, riveted, welded products get into the portfolio. As of 1985 the son of the founder Zoltán Bíró has helped the work. In 1988-89 the company started to supply to cooperatives, still without employees.

The Bíró Family

1990-1995:  FERZOL has been established by Ferenc and Zoltán Bíró in 1990, who has been qualified as tool machining specialist in the meantime. The main activity was tool manufacturing and cold sheet forming by pressing. The name of the company was formed from the names FERenc and ZOLtán, and continued as family business. From this point the company started to employ colleagues, which has meant growth of output volumes as well. At the beginning of the 90-s due to the economical and political changes in Hungary the manufacturing businesses found themselves in a difficult situation. To survive these times the company has started the production of own developed products. These items has been delivered to consumer and service markets (e.g.: special nails, picture hangers, door stoppers, fuel transfer valve tube, etc.) In 1993 at the ouskirts of Tápiószőlős a 400 sqm production hall has been built, as the first building of the present production site. From 1994 the privatized or newly established medium and large sized production companies started to grow and created needs for items to be manufactured by smaller companies as well. This was the time when Ferzol has started to supply sheet metal items to Electrolux, which was the first major step towards the economical growth. From this point on the company’s main ectivity was sheet metal production. By 1995 the number of employees has grown to 10. 

1995-2000: Manufacturing of small series called for CNC controlled sheet metal processing equipment.  The massive development of resources has been enabled by the growing market needs and the active capital returned into operation.  On the field of tool manufacturing traditional lathes, milling and grinding machines and an EDM was added to the equipment. Presses with 1,5 t to 250 t capacity has been put into operation, as well as good condition, second hand units of CNC controlled punching, bending and laser cutting machines. Employees: 35. 

2000-2005: Production area has been extended with a newly built hall in which warehouse for raw material and ready products has been established. Separate department of quality assurance was created, measuring and controlling equipment, and the company was certified for ISO 9001:2000. The second hand machines were replaced by new types. The headcount showed 80 employees. 

2005-2010: Year 2006 was an important milestone in the history of the company, a new ERP system has been implemented. Workshops supporting the main processes has been organized and built, including for powder coating, welding and separate warehouse.  A new building with production area 2000 sqm and and office has been raised. The owners have returned all profits into new production equipment. The ERP system has been extended year by year. The company won funds from government support, which has been used efficiently. The year 2009 has been closed with only 20% drop in turnover and a minimal growth in profits in spite of the global crisis. The overall production area has growwn to 3700 sqm, and the company emplyed 120 colleagues.

2010-2013: After the crisis the development of the property and the production area has been started. In 2010 a workshop of 6600 sqm, in 2011 a workshop of 2200 sqm, in 2013 a warehouse of 5200 sqm with an office and social area of 350 sqm has been built. Ferzol has achieved successes in the production of parts, at the same time the assembly of more complex units has been started. The company has been certified for ISO 14000 as well. Ferzol has successfully applied for development funds. In 2013 almost 5000 tons of sheet metal has been processed. The transport fleet continued to grow further. Number of employees has grown over 300.

2014-2015:  Ferzol has chosen the slogan: "high-tech in sheet metal production", which represents well the presence of new technology and the direction of firther development. 6 new robotized production units has been added to different workshops Besides that the headcount has achieved 400. Ferzol has celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation by inaguration of a new 5500 sqm assembly hall, which contains a canteen for 100 and a training room for 60 people. One of our key targets to be supplier to the automotive industry, so we have started our preparation to the audit of ISO/TS 16949 standard summarizing the expectations of this industrial segment.

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