„High-tech in sheet metal fabrication"

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H-2769 Tápiószőlős Ceglédi str. 15.

Production takes place in 5 factory halls at Ferzol Kft's Tápiószőlős site.

Our plants are as follows:

CNC Plant

  1. Laser cutting and punching technology
  2. Edge bending with CNC technology with manual and robotic service

Press Plant

  1. Press technologies (on eccentric and hydraulic press maschines)
  2. Extrusion of press-fit fasteners on manual and automatic machines
  3. Thread cutting, thread pressure on manual and CNC machines
  4. Drilling, countersinking

Welding Plant

  1. Shielded gas (MIG / MAG) arc welding (with manual and robot technology)
  2. Spot welding, induction welding
  3. Stud welding (on manual and CNC automatic machines)
  4. Manual grinding, cleaning

Powder coating Plant

Powder coating technology (manual and automatic spraying)

Assembly Plant

Assembly of assembled articles

First Sample Plant

New product sampling

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